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I'm looking for some peeps to play with. :) So if any of you guys happen to have a PS3 please add me so we can play games or chat! I even have a headset and a mic!

Gamer Tag: XxsonadowlovexX

Hope to see you guys there :)
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I've officially returned to the DeviantArt community lol after how long? And I have chapter 8 finished of "Love Goes like..." I really wanna get this story done and over with. I really don't like leaving stories unfinished :/ it pisses me off when I start reading something and it's never finished so I wouldn't do that.

In between working 2 jobs, I've had like no time for myself and I've just been in a funk...I have a lot on my plate lately and it's wearing me down. But chapter 8 will be posted will soon. Since I haven't written anything in forever I don't wanna just post something to get it posted and updated. I'll be doing some tinkering with it.

Talk to you guys later.

Cho <3
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So yes I have decided to stick around DeviantArt even though I haven't posted much (what else is new) I'm in the works of finishing off "Love Goes Like..." (slowly but surely, since I have been brainstorming ideas for this fic and kind of typing down ideas as I have time.) but after that is done or in between chapters I have come up with 2 other fics. One a sequel for "Sin's Punishment," titled "Without You."

"Without You" is going to contain some Sonadowilver, and while Shadow is really excited to be a parent, he also begins to feel how insanely overwhelming it is and his emotions begin to take a toll on him as he does things without thinking. I don't wanna give out to much more on this story.

Another fic that I just thought of not to long ago kinda strays away from Sonadow (of course knowing me you can expect some hinted yaoi) It's based off of the game called "Dead Island." Sonic and his friends all take a vacation to a all to perfect resort and it's quickly ruined when the start of this zombie apocalyptic disaster ruins it. I'm more excited about starting this one since I haven't done anything zombie like yet.

So I hope you guys are as excited as I am for me to FINALLY get my shit in gear.
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I was thinking about deleting my DA account :/ I am way to busy anymore to keep up with this site and barely get on it but this site is also the only site where I upload stories anymore since I pretty much left

So...what do you guys think I should do?
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I feel old :( It's kinda sad that I turn 19 tomorrow and I am starting to feel old! haha however I wish I was turning 21 instead so I can drink legally and more frequently. Generally I despise my birthday, but my boyfriend and I are going to paint eggs for Easter since we never had the chance to do it last year for our 1st Easter :/ and he wants to take me go karting if it doesn't rain and possibly our own lil easter egg hunt haha. I'm sure my mom will be working and my dad will be doing his typical yelling at me all day long for breathing wrong (yay...) or call the cops on me like he did last year.

In other news, I got my car! :) About almost a week ago. His name is Jerry (Alex named it XD) and in the search of a 2nd job at some shitty ass fast food restaurant to throw all the money that I make there all on my car so I can pay it off soooo much quicker than 3 years as well as what I get from my tax return. I wanna be ahead of my car payments instead of just barely making it since my job does the exact opposite of what I request. (Because I guess if a girl that NEEDS money because she actually has bills to pay it's completely OK to give her LESS hours instead of more -.-) which is why I am looking for a 2nd job because I am not going to risk my credit when I am still young.

My headaches are about the same. But since I have had off the last few days from work I realize that my eyes don't hurt AS bad so mom and I think it's from their lights and screen.

I'm kinda excited for tomorrow. I really wanna do some go karting.
My one friend and I were discussing this today after seeing the numerous types of statuses that people post on Facebook and all I could think about was, "if there is some kind of "anti-bullying" policy for these kinds of sites, why doesn't anything get done about these kinds of posts?" Seriously all they give you is the option to block them but is that really going to stop these people for harassing others? No. I just think it's straight up ridiculous that these sites literally do not ban any of these people for harassment or bullying. I have seen one girl post SOOOO many statuses constantly calling this one girl a whore, threatening to kick this girl's ass or "'Like' if you think ________ is a slut," but NOTHING is ever done. How is that even right? But when you go and report the post NOTHING happens to it.

Urgh! It just makes me sooo mad >< Bullying is such a severe issue yet nothing is ever done about it. I know I reported these posts to the admins and yet the account is never disabled and she still keeps posting this stuff. And it's not here and there through out the month, it's literally  a few times a day.

It's beyond frustrating...Social networking sites really need to start monitoring this stuff. Freedom of speech is one thing, but when it's constant and dragging another person down with the insults, it should be immediate banned :/
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My updates have slowed down for numerous reasons.

1) My driver's test, I have failed twice now and I am really working hard on trying to pass since I will be 19 in 2 weeks.

2) Working A LOT and the few days that I do have off, I sleep all day or spend it with my boyfriend.


3) the recent problem; my migraines. I generally get them a lot but recently they have been giving me dizzy spells, my vision is in and out of blurriness and I get white splotches in my peripheral vision, so staring at any kind of screen is really hard as well as getting through a day of work. So on Monday mom and I are scheduling an appointment to see a Neurologist.

So I'm sorry about the delays.
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I have got to say that by far this has been the most horrific and stressful week EVER. Let me start off with Friday night. I had came home from my job and that entire week; I was working from 8am til 1am almost every single day Monday thru Friday for my Grandma who left for a cruise (at least I got secretary experience on my resume now) and literally straight after I would have to walk down to my job. So I was always running on very little sleep since I had to get up at 6:30am that entire week. Anybody who even pays attention to my journal entries will all know that back in October 2011 my boyfriend and I got into a HUGE fight (physical and verbal) and I moved out that night and back into my parent's home. Well the only way I would have been allowed to even come home was if him and I weren't dating anymore and, at that time, we weren't until we talked things out. For months I kept it on the DL from my dad. He never took the time to talk to me how my day was or anything. Anytime he wanted to talk was when he wanted to bitch at me for everything I did wrong.

I knew he suspected about my boyfriend and I because I always left every time I had the chance (Why the fuck would I want to spend my days off in a house where I had to walk on eggshells? Fuck. That.) I guess he was looking for evidence to see if we were dating because as soon as I went into the bathroom to shower after work, he went into my bedroom, took my phone and raided through my texts messages. Oh and then had the nerve to take MY phone that is under my very own contract and name. The bills come under MY name in the mail. I'm pretty sure that that is called Theft and could call the cops on him. It was after the shower did I hear him yelling at my mom over the phone saying shit like "Why the fuck didn't you tell me that her and her dead beat boyfriend were dating?" "You're such a liar and you had the nerve to cover for her." Shit like that. I thought I was hearing things until I went into the bedroom, saw my phone was gone and picked up the house phone and starting yelling at my dad over a phone for mom to hear. He refused to give my phone back, so I took his wallet and walked away with it. He chased me. I threw it across the house and he shoved me into a wall where I have a bump on my head. I told my boyfriend, of course. Because this wasn't the first time dad laid his hands on me, Alex kept saying that he was coming over and was going to talk to my dad and would not listen when I kept telling him to come would start more drama.

And I was right.

Alex came over and I kept telling him to go home and he just would not do it. Dad told him to get the fuck out and Alex walked into the house (breaking and entering?) Dad shoved him out the door, Alex ran back in and thus began the physical between my dad and Alex. I barely remember any of it. But according to Alex, I freaked out and punched Alex in the face to let go of my dad. Dad thinks my boyfriend broke his ribs...and keeps trying to get the cops involved but well dad shoved me into a wall...and Alex was trying to defend me. So I have been dealing with that drama all weekend.

And now work, I got a new job about a month and after all this happened, I cannot focus for shit. I messed up the times on my schedule and came in an hour late one day, and almost did a no show on Sunday.  Because of that no show, all of the employees there were treating me like straight up garbage (I was being called slow, stupid, worthless. A lot of hurtful things to top off my awesome weekend.) I was on the verge of doing a walk off and not show up at work tomorrow. As Soon as I got off work and Alex was walking me out to the car I had a severe meltdown and just started bawling; it took a lot for Alex to just walk away and not go back in and flip some shit on the people that I work with. I am as of right now, filling out applications for a shit ton of places, work is my getaway from home. But if I gotta go to work and be treated even more like shit than I am going to find a new job...

And all of Alex's friends are like "Dude you were defending her and she punched you in the face. You should seriously dump her ass."

I take it his friends are retarded. If your dad was being attacked you would punch somebody, too. He is MY DAD. I don't care how shitty our relationship is you do not just hurt my dad and expect to get away with it without a punch to the face.
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Well it's a late Happy Valentine's Day journel, but I just wanted to check in and see how everybody's Valentine's day went. Mine was awesome <3 My boyfriend bought me RPC's (Best. Candy. Ever. A card and 2 stuffed bears I named Strawberry and Panda beary <3 lol). we didn't do anything to rich and classy, his mom made home made stuffed chicken which was banging and Alex set up a table with candles in his bedroom with some jazz (?) music. It was really cute. <3 His mom was our lil waitress and she got us wine (I got kinda tipsy lol whoops...) But it rocked <3 Next year is my turn to do something for him now, but it felt good actually having a relaxing, non stress day with him since we fight SO much.

So I hope you guys all had a wonderful Valentine's day <3
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After finally closing the poll on my fanfiction page and reading the percentage given 44% of the voters would like to see a sequel for the Sonadow MPREG AND Chained, and after a lot of thought and consideration I have decided that at some point this month or next month there will be an updated (yes, I am keeping you waiting...again.) for this wanted sequel.
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So I had posted a status up on my facebook towards ungrateful women on Valentine's day that only want their fancy dinners and expensive gifts and how they should show more love towards their man himself than his money. Harmless enough status right? Lol that's what I thought until my nut job of an ex friend came blowing up my status through her boyfriend's account pretty much telling me that I am a creeper and that I am obsessed with her. Haha! What?! What the fuck is this bitch talking about?! So I followed the comment back to her facebook page and here she was, posting status about me (you know the usual high school girl bullshit) and it went on and on all day yesterday, thought it ended but actually progressed into today. By today I was just fucking with her since she thinks I am so obsessed with her and I adore stalking her facebook. Every little thing that was directed towards me, I reported. She flipped the fuck out XD again calling me a freak and a stalker and that I was obsessed with her worthless, conceited ass. Eventually she tried to add me and attempted to report my pictures for being "inappropriate." Is this bitch insane? Just a tad. However my friend got involved after I was blocked and started to report everything that this bitch was saying about me and it confused the fuck out of her.

One thing I learned; thank GOD I am no longer friends with this nut job. I cannot stand people who think they are so important.

Oh and another thing I learned; I do hard drugs apparently XD


Day 5 of this FB drama (yes, it is still continuing and now it's got more people involved in it which should not have even occurred AT ALL.)

Apparently now this bitch's sister and one of her sister's friend is going to come 2 hours down and beat my ass, my boyfriend's ass, and my 2 friends ass. All I gotta say is GOOD LUCK BITCH.  We are not the kind of people that some wannabe uneducated ghetto bitch wants to mess with. :heart:
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I finally got a Skype and my own labtop for Christmas (meaning updates finally!) However if you would like to add me on Skype PM me and I will give you my username.
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Alright this is getting old. I had posted a journel a few months stating where all the missing chapters were located and eventually removed it because I mean it should be clearly obvious I have a Fanfiction page. I mean, HELLO, the link is right on my page. I am not posting this shit again and I will put it in caps locks so everybody can see it and if you STILL ask me where the chapters are at, well, get the fuck out because I am not the mood to be dealing with stupid questions when the answer is right in front of your face.


Ask me again and I will be forced to give a smart ass response.
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Sadly wednesday my boyfriend and I got into a really horrible fight and we established that maybe we were way to young to live together right now (I did move in there with neither one of us having a choice since my dad kicked me out...) so now I am back living with them (urgh...) and it sucks terribly. Since I am here I have to literally hide the fact that we are still dating because my dad absolutely despises him to the point that if he knows I am still seeing him I will be kicked back out AGAIN which is complete bull shit really. I'm on the verge of not knowing what to do because it's my family but also a boy that I know for a fact that I want to marry. Right now I just want to focus on getting my permit and getting a car so I can do things all by myself without my dad controlling me more than what he already does. So not only do I have to find ways to see my boyfriend, I have to find ways to work and a decent used car...

So I'm really sorry about all this since you guys are probably getting impatient with me not updating but my life is more important than a simple story.
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I wanted to update the fanfic sooner, but my boyfriend and I went up to his dad's for the weekend and we had no internet connection up there and I have just been so busy with work and horrible migraines. I have it started but not quite finished yet so it will be posted when I am done ASAP.


Cho :heart:
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So today I checked my email and there it was, the review. I don't know about you guys but this made me laugh.

"Look, I like the sex parts of this story, but it's not a one-shot and you've got so much wrong with it as well as what you got right.

Firstly, Sonic doesn't act like a prince. I mean, at all. He might as well be a regular kid in a big house. He's got no responsibilities. And yet he doesn't have the servants do absolutely everything for him. And he CANNOT be openly homosexual if he's going to be king. You should have found a way to do this without him being a prince. He can't break the rules like that; that's for tyranny.

Second, there's no expansion of the Black Market. What the hell is it anyway? Yes, I know, the black market sells slaves. But it's a bad choice of words because the black market sells lots of things. You should have explained more.

Sonic kept a strange hedgehog in his room for three days. How was this not noticed sooner?

If Aleena's in it where are Sonia and Manic?

Why didn't you go more into Shadow being tortured?

There's nothing besides the names to connect this with the Sonic fandom. Shadow never uses his powers - I know at first he thought there was no point because he'd just get caught, but then he's met Sonic and a better life and he's getting raped by his father and he still doesn't use them. It's effectively a cookie cutter fic.

I wouldn't mention all this if it was a one-shot but it's not. I wouldn't mention it if it was a steaming pile of jack, but it's not that either. Your writing has the potential for improvement, if you'd only put a little more thought into it."


1st of all who the hell does this guy thinks he even is? Telling me that I got my OWN fanfiction wrong. I wrote it, it's not wrong! Maybe the grammer isn't the best or maybe the characters are OOC but as a plot it's not wrong! And do I really have to explain what the Black Market is? You'll have to be a total idiot if you didn't know what it was and as for Shadow's torture? I did go into it and made it clear that he was raped, just didn't have the scene written. And the last thing that made me laugh; If Aleena's in it where are Sonia and Manic? FANFICTION! These character's are not required to be in it if Aleena is in it, dip shit. So I checked out this guy's and turns out that he sucks anyway and nobody even reads his fics. My story got almost 150 reviews all positive. So suck it.

I enjoyed this so I figured you guys all would, too.
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So after my last journal I stated that I would be getting my own computer, well that kind of didn't happen due to so much crap happening in my life. So I finally got some hep installing Microsoft word onto my fiance's computer and now, yes I said that, I can actually write. Which is a relief because writing is like the one of few things that actually enabled me an escape and release some stress. I had already started to re-read "Chained" and "Love Goes Like..." because face it...I just straight up forget what I wrote ^^' Hey it happens...but anyways hope to get some stuff posted on here after some much needed inspiration.
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So I will be getting my own computer and the reason why things have not been updated is because I moved out of my parents' house and my boyfriend does not have any type of writing pad for new chapters. However, his mom is helping me get my own computer and internet set up on the things they gave me so here's hoping I will be able to update for anybody whom has been waiting.
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I have been getting numerous messages about where are certain chapters for certain stories. It's not a problem getting these messages I just think some people need to look a bit more before they come and message me.…

If you are looking for certain chapters or stories than they are listed in the link provided above.

Now there should not be anymore messages in my inbox asking where these missing chapters or stories are. Okay? If so then I will just simply message to check out this journel entry.

I don't mean to sound rude or bitchy, but I just don't want my inbox filled with questions that can be easily answer since I'm pretty sure all my watchers know I have a page.

Thank you.